To: Bret Truchan,,
From: Cynthia Webster,
Subject: Re: [sdiy] Blacet / Paia power header part number?
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 19:16:14 -0800

on 3/21/05 6:42 PM, Bret Truchan at wrote:

> Hello!
> Does anyone know, off hand, the Digikey (or mouser) part number for the
> power header used by Blacet? I'm trying to add both Doepfer and Blacet
> style power connectors to this new PCB, but I'm not sure of the part number.
> Is it Digikey WM4622-ND?? Part Number 538-26-60-4040

Molex KK Series .156 Space Male Non-Segmented 4-Pin Header w Polarizing Tab.

Used by Blacet, MOTM, Oakley, Encore, EFM, CGS, Tellun, Metalbox,
and Cyndustries

Good Luck!