To: mike ash,
From:, (Andrew Duke)
Subject: Re: [AH] time to go....
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:42:59 -0300

Mike: Interesting that you brought up
cats; my girlfriend and I have two
siamese cats. They're beautiful, loving,
etc, but they love, for some reason,
to sleep on my music mixer. I just moved it
and installed it in the rack yesterday,
though, so thank goodness they can't
do that anymore, though they can
still sneak up and sleep on my dj mixer :(
andrew duke

mike ash wrote:

> I sold my last analogue piece of kit this weekend...
> I'm all phys mod + digital now....I know I know...
> (except my mixing desk that's still analogue....but not for much longer...
> ownership of a cat that likes to jump on faders forces automation/recall!!!)
> So I suppose this isn't the place for me anymore....
> Keep twiddlin'
> Mike.
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