To:, "Synthgods",
From: Mike Peake,
Subject: RE: CR-78 (a programming idea)
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 98 21:41:54 -0000

>The CR78 is programmable alright. You=B4ve got four spaces (yellow =
>that can hold one pattern of four bars each. Every pattern can only =
>of four different sounds of your choice , and can then be combined with =
>presets and the always present guiro , tambourine etc.
>There is no quantizing function , so you=B4ll have to be a bit =
>when tapping in your programs. To program you have to connect something ,
>preferably the original programming pad (TS-1) to the Write Input on the
>back , and then simply tap the sounds wherever you want them real time. =
>you don=B4t have the original programmer (a lot of them seem to have gone
>walkabout over the years) then you could use your imagination and connect
>anything that produce a strong enough signal , and distinct too I may
>It has got a Clock Input for syncing , I simply run it via my Kenton =
>There is also the smaller brother , the CR68 , which has got the same =
>but lacks programmability.


It occurs to me that if you sync the 78 with an 808 or other drum =
that features trigger outputs, you could program the 808 to fire =
_into_ the 78 at the points you want the 78 to have notes. You would =
end up
with perfectly 'quantized' patterns!

78 in record; 808 as master clock/trigger generator. 808 trigger =
into 78 Write Input.

Does the 78 retain user patterns when powered down?

Easier, glad I finally have something really useful to share,




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