From: Dan Higdon,
Subject: Module Of The Month club proposal
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 12:54:54 -0500

Paul Schreiber has asked me to "re-pitch" my Module Of The Month (MOTM) idea
here on AH to see how much interest there really is. So without further

Synthesis Technologies would make available a module "subscription", along
the lines of some book clubs. When signing up for MOTM, the customer would
choose a case size, and commit to buying modules, one a month, until that
case was filled. Naturally, payment can be accelerated as desired, and the
customer could request a "break" in service. This isn't Columbia House. :-)
(n.b. not meaning to defame Columbia House, or imply any policies they might
hold.) Paul gets a very clear idea of the level of interest up front, and
the customer gets the fun of anxiously awaiting the next module in the series
every month.

Here's the process in more detail:
* Customer chooses a case w/power supply. This will likely be either a wooden
case holding 10-12 modules, or a rack box holding 6-8 modules. Customer
pay for the case at this time, and is entered into the MOTM club. Maybe
the MOTM club could give you a discount....
* Modules are all of a standard size (possibly 1/2 modules available as well.
Full module kits can be ordered, and are standard for the MOTM club. Others
can buy just PCBs at regular prices.
* For the first few months, the customer receives the "core" set of modules.
At first, this will simply be the first modules that are ready. :-) The
customer pays for the modules as they arrive (invoiced), or automatically
throught credit card debit. Members get a fairly substantial price break,
since they've committed to buying a full case of modules.
* For non MOTM members, the module would be available at a slight discount
during its "first month", to encourage sales. Modules not currently
can always be bought at normal price. Some special modules may never be
featured, if Paul can't do a big enough run for whatever reason.
* At any time, a MOTM member should be able to buy any modules needed, with
modules reducing the "commitment" count. This makes sense, since if your
can only hold 10 modules, you shouldn't be forced to buy more. :-)

These modules are expected to cost around $100us, and will include everything
except resistors and capacitors (why, I don't know, but that's the deal).
modules will cost more, the 100 mark is just an estimate.

Oh yeah, and I don't work for Paul Screiber, nor do I have any connection
to him
other than belonging to some of the same lists. I do plan to join the MOTM
if it becomes available, however. :-)

So what do you all think? Could such a plan work? How many of you would be
willing to do this? I mean really willing, not just think it sounds cool.
I think it sounds like a lot of fun, but if there's not enough interest in the
"automatic purchase" thing, we might have to settle for a gutted version of
the system. Maybe something where the first month a module appears, it's at
a discount, then the price goes up a bit. This would encourage promptness in
buying for serious customers, but keep the commitment level down.

Dan Higdon (>
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